Rotary Club of Exmoor

Bampton Charter Fair

Bampton Charter Fair is one of the oldest charter fairs in the country - it has been running continuously for over 750 years. The event takes place on the last Thursday in October - close to the Feast of St. Luke.


Since 2009, Exmoor Rotary Club has become highly involved in the organisation of the Fair both as part of its service to the local community, and to raise funds for charity. The Fair is 'owned' by the Lord of the Manor but this has been handed in trust to Bampton Town Council - who in turn organise the collection of tolls, the Fun Fair, the traffic, car parking, toilets, insurance, Police, First Aid, etc. Below is shown what extra facilities our Club provides.

Bampton Charter Fair


Steel Band

Organisation of the entertainments is a big task - live music runs all day from a variety of different groups such as a steel band, concertina players, folk groups, and young music students. Also street entertainers mingle with the crowds and provide fun and a scare or two.

Chop & Block

Pony Sale

At the Pony Sale

One of the very traditional aspects of the fair - Bampton was for over a century famous for its pony auction at the Fair. this was restored in 2002 on a smaller scale, alongside saddlery and tack, fur and feathers, farm machinery, and country collectables. Sadly it has ceased in 2014 because of there being no market for ponies.

Awaiting the auction

Craft & Gift Fair

Craft Fair - in the church

The Craft & Gift Fair is packed with stalls offering very enticing artefacts form jewellery to ceramics, fabrics, etc. Always very popular, a good place to find that elusive Chrsitmas gift!

Craft Fair - ceramics

Local Produce

Local Produce - cheeses

Local produce is available to sample and buy in a tent at the riverside. Local cheeses, meats, pies and cakes, cider, fish, preserves, and wines. Mouth watering.

Local Produce - farm shop

Traditional Skills

Traditional Skills - spinning

The chance to see local craftsmen at work. Basket weaving, wood-turning, jewellery making, leatherwork, fishing fly tying, spinning and quilting, to name but a few.

Traditional Skills - basket weaving

Community Hall Cafe


A Cafe is run in the Community Hall. Teas, coffee, and good food supplied all day long provides a chance for visitors to rest their feet awhile. This is run for Cancer Research UK